New Years Update More parking, new building, new website!


Coming into the new year, Mike’s Truck and Trailer Repair has gotten a bit of a makeover, both at our shop location and online!

We are please to announce the addition of a new building, measuring 60’x80′, that we are having built right this very second to house our in-progress trailer repairs. This has allowed us to make more room in the yard so that we can better serve you with ample parking, designate specific areas for truck and trailer repairs, and increase the overall aesthetic appeal and organization of our facility. We have grown exponentially these past years, and things were getting cluttered, so we decided it was time to expand! We are also clearing some land around the property make make more room for parking and maneuvering about. Check out the pictures of our progress thus far and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Also, you may have noticed this is a brand new website! This site provides all new features and functions previously unavailable to our clients! We are still polishing up the last few touches, but very soon this website will include a fully functional online store from which our customers can purchase used parts! In addition to this, we have improved our presence on social media, with the creation of Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts that we are fully integrating into our site and will be updating frequently. Our site will also feature this blog, which I will be updating periodically to inform the public of upcoming promotions, events, news, care tips, and other miscellaneous updates.

We encourage everyone to check back frequently as we hope this blog will serve as a way of reaching out to the public and allowing you, our valued customers, interact with us in a unique way that is all our own. So please, visit us on our social media pages using any of the social media icons at the top of the page or even leave us a comment using the comment section below this blog entry. Also, be sure to stop by soon as our new building will be up before you know it!

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